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VPS Spark

रु 799.00/mo

VPS Ignite

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VPS Launch

रु 2999.00/mo

VPS Soar

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we over these features in our VPS hosting - Noditt Host


we over these features in our VPS hosting - Noditt Host

Root Access

Full Control of your
VPS Enviroment in your hand

Our VPS hosting puts you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to create a tailored environment that perfectly aligns with your unique needs and ambitions.
we over these features in our VPS hosting - Noditt Host

Private and High-Performance Resources

Harness lightning-fast processing power and abundant resources to ensure seamless functionality, even during peak traffic periods
Cloud hosting in Nepal with a Nepali server - Affordable and Reliable Web Hosting Services in Nepal

24/7 Support for Your
Coding Adventures

Late-night coding session gone wrong?

Don’t worry, we’re here around the clock. Our dedicated support team understands the unique needs of developers and coders

we over these features in our VPS hosting - Noditt Host

Features of VPS Hosting

we over these features in our VPS hosting

Full control over enviroment

Take full control of your online environment with root access and custom configurations, allowing you to tailor your VPS server to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Highspeed Internet Bandwidth

Experience uninterrupted online performance with our VPS server's high-speed internet connection, allowing for rapid data transfers, smooth streaming, and seamless browsing for you and your visitors.

Choice of Operating Systems

Tailor your VPS environment to your liking with a wide selection of operating systems. Whether you prefer Linux-based distributions or Windows, our hosting options cater to your specific software and application needs.

Performance Optimized

Experience blazing-fast website speeds and unparalleled performance with our VPS server, ensuring quick page load times and smooth user interactions.

Highspeed SSD Storage

Enjoy ultra-fast data retrieval and significantly reduced load times with our VPS server's high-speed SSD storage, ensuring swift access to your files and databases.

Global Data Center Locations

Reach your audience faster with our VPS Hosting servers strategically located in various data centers around the world. Benefit from reduced latency and improved loading times for your website or application, no matter where your users are located.

Robust Security

Protect your valuable data and sensitive information with our VPS server's advanced security features, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and regular security updates.

Scalable Resources

Seamlessly scale your resources on-demand, whether you need more storage, processing power, or bandwidth, ensuring your website can handle increased traffic and growing demands

Cost-Effective Hosting Solutions

Get the best value for your investment with our cost-effective VPS Hosting plans. Enjoy the benefits of dedicated resources and advanced features at a fraction of the cost of a physical server, making it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.

Secure Like your Heart 💖

Traditional hosting often leaves gaps that cybercriminals exploit. Our secured web hosting bridges those gaps, ensuring that your website and data remain impenetrable fortresses.
we over these features in our VPS hosting - Noditt Host

Our Other Hosting Packages

WordPress Hosting

Designed Specially for WordPress

रु 150.00/mo

Hosting that support everything

रु 150.00/mo

Your Virtual Private Server in Nepal

रु 999.00/mo

FAQ's About VPS Hosting

1. What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting stands for Virtual Private Server hosting. It is a type of web hosting where a physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers, each operating independently with dedicated resources and its own operating system.

2. How does VPS hosting differ from shared hosting?

Unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting provides dedicated resources and greater control over your server environment. With VPS hosting, you have your own virtual server that is isolated from other users, offering improved performance, security, and flexibility.

3. What are the advantages of VPS hosting?

VPS hosting offers several advantages, including enhanced performance, scalability, complete root access, dedicated resources, and better security compared to shared hosting. It allows you to customize your server settings and install software as per your requirements.

4. Is technical expertise required to manage a VPS server?

While some technical knowledge can be beneficial, our VPS hosting packages come with a user-friendly control panel and management tools that simplify server administration. Additionally, our support team is available to assist you with any technical issues or queries you may have.

5. Can I upgrade my VPS hosting plan in the future?

Absolutely! Our VPS hosting plans are designed to be scalable, allowing you to upgrade your resources as your website grows. Whether you need more storage, processing power, or bandwidth, we can easily accommodate your expanding needs.

6. How is the security of my VPS server ensured?

We take security seriously. Our VPS hosting utilizes robust security measures such as firewalls, regular security updates, and intrusion detection systems to protect your server from unauthorized access, malware, and other potential threats. We also recommend implementing additional security measures such as strong passwords and SSL certificates for enhanced protection.

7. Can I host multiple websites on a VPS server?

Yes, our WordPress Hosting service includes server-level caching mechanisms to optimize the performance of your website. Caching helps reduce server load and improves page loading times, resulting in a faster and more responsive WordPress site.

8. Is data backup included with VPS hosting?

While we perform regular backups of our server infrastructure, it is recommended to implement your own backup strategy for your website's data. We offer backup solutions as an additional service, allowing you to schedule automatic backups or manually create backups of your VPS server's data.

9. Can I install custom software on my VPS server?

Yes, with full root access, you have the freedom to install and configure custom software on your VPS server. You can install various applications, frameworks, and scripts based on your specific requirements, giving you complete control over your server environment.
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